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 The major defects survey gave me all the information I needed about the property in a much more clear, relevant and easy-to-use format than other surveys I've had in the past. That and the extremely helpful follow- up conversation with Mr Maggs gave me a sound understanding of work needed on the property which allowed me negotiate the price accordingly.

Major Defects Survey August 2018

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An outstanding service. Efficient and organised. Particularly noteworthy is the follow up service and the individual care in which my questions and queries were considered. I've used Maggs and Allen twice now. I wouldn't hesitate to use them a third time.

Z Darlington

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Tim, Just wanted to let you know that the survey arrived in the post today - thank you! I haven't had a chance to read it properly yet, but obviously that is our homework over the weekend....

Have a great weekend yourself, and thanks again for your considerable efforts. We are so grateful to you and are confident that we will now be able to make a very well-informed decision.

Kindest regards, Claire

.....That survey report was a work of art, thank you! It was so thorough - we really appreciate your efforts.

Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks again on behalf of us both.


Mr and Mrs Marshall

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A very detailed survey and the best survey I have come across.

Claire O'Brien

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I think the Major Defects Report is extremely useful. The Surveyor has been very thorough, he has done a faultless job. Thanks very much.

Jean Donegan

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Many thanks for sending through the Major Defects Survey .... I have been very impressed with the speed and efficiency of the whole process , it is a credit to the company. I will certainly be recommending you to anyone requiring a survey.

James Manson

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I would just like to say how pleased we are with the service provided - I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Maggs & Allen to others in the future.

A Wood