Survey - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need a survey?

Yes, risk identification is the most important part of our service to our clients. If you know about an actual or potential problem before purchase, you can deal with the consequences. This may mean you need to do nothing, or there may be a case for renegotiating the purchase price, and sometimes even finding an alternative property to buy.

Q: How much is a survey?

Maggs & Allen offer competitive fees and excellent value for money. Be assured that your instruction will be undertaken by an experienced local Chartered Surveyor acting only in your best interests, along with the full support of our efficient administration team.

You might be tempted by low fees sometimes offered by other surveyors and lenders. However, this is a false economy – all surveyors have similar overheads and you only get what you pay for. Ask yourself: if the fee is much cheaper, what corners are being cut? Be wary of inspections offered by unqualified 'surveyors'.

Q: Can I get a valuation?

Yes, the RICS Home Survey and our RICS compliant Surveys can all include a Market Valuation. Our Chartered Surveyors are all RICS Registered Valuers.

Q: What if I don’t need a valuation?

We can quote for a report without a valuation, if one is not required.

Q: Should I get a Home Survey or a Survey Report?

A Home Survey is a basic standard report, suitable for modern properties which appear in good order.

Our most popular report is our Major Defects Survey which is a bespoke report for Bristol houses. This is more detailed and suitable for older properties which require more maintenance and repairs. Finally, a full Building Survey report is aimed at pre-1880 properties and contains photographs.

Q: Do you test the gas/heating/electrical installation?

No - we are not qualified electricians or heating engineers and therefore do not test the services. We will carry out a visual inspection and advise you to have them tested by the appropriate specialists when applicable.

Q: How quickly will I get my report?

You will usually receive your report within 48 hours of the inspection of the property being carried out.

We email the report directly to you (along with a copy to your solicitor if required). We can also post a hard copy of the report to you if requested.

Q: Can I get a Staircasing Valuation?

Maggs & Allen have acted for many applicants wanting to increase their equity share in a property by staircasing. All of our work in this area is conducted by Chartered Surveyors and RICS Registered Valuers and therefore our reports are fully compliant with requirements.

For more information on our services in relation to staircasing or to obtain a quote for a Valuation Report please do get in touch.

Q: Can I get a Help To Buy Valuation?

Yes, Maggs & Allen provide Help to Buy, First Buy, Home Options Plus, Staircasing and Right to Buy Valuations, fulfilling all the conditions that Housing Associations, Home Options Plus and Local Authorities require.

The valuations tend to have a shelf-life of 3 months under the schemes and we can provide updated valuations that may become necessary.

Q: Are Maggs & Allen RICS registered?

Yes, our Chartered Surveyors are all RICS members and are also Registered Valuers.