Buying Property at Auction in Bristol

Buying a property at auction is becoming increasingly popular in Bristol

Many properties offered at auction are ideal for both professional developers and DIY enthusiasts wishing to get as much value as possible for their budget.

Bidding at a LIVE Online Auction

1. Review the property particulars, online auction legal pack and conditions of sale
Before you bid at the auction you should read the auction legal pack including the Common Auction Conditions of Sale and Special Conditions of Sale, check the property particulars and take legal advice from your solicitor if required.

2. Complete the Registration Form for Proxy, Telephone and Remote Online Bidding
You will need to complete the bidding registration form stating the details of the lot(s) you have selected, details of the buyer (and bidder if different), your solicitor’s details and confirmation that you will arrange a bank transfer for the Premiminary Deposit. If you intend to bid on more than one lot, please list the lot numbers of the lots you wish to bid on in the ‘Lot Number’ field.

3. Provide us with proof of identity and proof of address documents
We require documentation for the buyer, bidder and deposit payer in order to conduct the appropriate anti-money laundering checks. Details of acceptable documentation can be found on the last page of this form.

4. Return your completed Registration Form, no later than 48 hours before the auction date
Your Remote Bidding Form (available to download from our website at should be completed and submitted no later than 24 hours before the auction date. We must also be in receipt of your Preliminary Deposit monies and your identity documents before we can approve you to bid.


Buyer's Premium

Please be advised all lots are subject to a Buyer's Premium of £1,500 plus VAT, which is payable to Maggs & Allen on the fall of the hammer.

The key advantages to buying from Auction through Maggs and Allen are:

  • Regular Auctions with a good variety of lots, in all price ranges.
  • Professional, experienced staff to answer all your queries and offer advice.
  • There is reasonable time to inspect the property and arrange for a survey.
  • The solicitors pack is available prior to the Auction for your full perusal.
  • The fall of the hammer on your successful bid is legally binding and you will exchange contracts on the night.
  • Completion will normally follow in 4, 6 or 8 weeks.


  • You must check the conditions of sale prior to the Auction.
  • You must ask any questions of the solicitors or Auctioneer prior to the Auction.
  • You must have a 10% deposit payable by bank transfer.

Guide Price

An indication of the seller's current minimum acceptable price at auction. The guide price or range of guide prices is given to assist consumers in deciding whether or not to pursue a purchase. It is usual, but not always the case, that a provisional reserve range is agreed between the seller and the auctioneer at the start of marketing. As the reserve is not fixed at this stage and can be adjusted by the seller at any time up to the day of the auction in the light of interest shown during the marketing period, a guide price is issued. This guide price can be shown in the form of a minimum and maximum price range within which an acceptable sale price (reserve) would fall, or as a single price figure within 10% of which the minimum acceptable price (reserve) would fall. A guide price is different to a reserve price (see separate definition). Both the guide price and the reserve price can be subject to change up to and including the day of the auction.

Reserve Price

The seller's minimum acceptable price at auction and the figure below which the auctioneer cannot sell. The reserve price is not disclosed and remains confidential between the seller and the auctioneer. Both the guide price and the reserve price can be subject to change up to and including the day of the auction.

To see our full terms and conditions on buying at auction - click here