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We are a long established, Bristol based, independent firm with local knowledge and years of experience.

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We provide Help to Buy, First Buy, Home Options Plus, Staircasing and Right to Buy Valuations.

We are familiar with the requirements of these Market Valuations and fulfil all of the conditions that the Housing Associations, Home Options Plus and Local Authorities require.

The valuations tend to have a shelf-life of 3 months under the schemes and we can provide updated valuations that may become necessary.

Help to Buy Valuation Criteria

  • Must be independent of the estate agent.
  • The report must be on headed paper and signed by the RICS member.
  • They must provide at least three comparable properties and sale prices within the last 12 months.
  • They must inspect the interior of the property and provide a full valuation report.
  • The inspection date must be included on the report and we are happy to send a copy of the valuation to the Housing Association/Home Options plus or the Local Authority.

Refresh Valuations

Occasionally, your Housing Association/Home Options Plus/Local Authority will say you need to update the valuation as they consider it to have run out of time. The valuations are normally only valid for a 3-month period. An updated valuation will often involve a desktop appraisal and update of the comparable information. Please give us a call as the charge will vary depending on the property.

Help to Buy Valuations

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Help-to-buy Instructions

We typically receive instructions from Help-To-Buy South, Knighstone, Target HCA, Southwest Homes, Government Help-To-Buy and Sovereign.